Welcome to Frontier Media!

The Frontier Media Group is an agency of Australian IT professionals operating in NSW's Sydney region. Founded in 2006, we provide people all over the world with professional, easy to understand web services. We pride ourselves on our expertise across a broad spectrum of fields and our friendly, clear communication policies.


Here at the Frontier Media Group, we combine the unique skills and talents of several specialists into one highly efficient team. By utilising all our staff - and their expertise in various areas - we are able to offer a wide range of internet services.

As well as traditional IT services like hosting and website design, we offer specialist consultancy, deployment and repair options for key web technologies including Joomla and Wordpress. If you've got a complex problem, one of our developers can reccomend the right software or build you your own. [+]


Talk to most web designers and you'll hear a lot of raving about Web 2.0, convergence and hyperconnectivity. None of it makes sense without five cups of coffee and a dictionary.

At Frontier Media we understand that not everybody looking for a web site is in the IT industry, and that you probably aren't too interested in whether we're using PHP or Java to make your site work. Instead of bombarding you with acronyms and words that would be worth a thousand points in Scrabble, we just give you clear English. Honest, transparent communication is our top priority. [+]

What's New?

Our site's currently going through a lot of changes in preparation for migration to a new production platform. While this won't have any impact on our end users, it does mean the news module currently isn't working. On the plus side, we've got a new blog coming - so watch this space for updates!

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to find out more about any of our services.

MSN. support@frontiermedia.net.au
Skype. FrontierMediaGroup
Fx. +612 4579 6942

More info available on the contact page!