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We Are Frontier Media

The Frontier Media Group is a collective of IT professionals operating in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2006, we provide people all over the world with professional, easy to understand web services. We pride ourselves on our expertise across a broad spectrum of fields and our friendly focus on getting things done.

What We Do

We make the hard stuff seem easy

Bespoke Web Solutions

Most businesses can get by with a lightly customized, off the rack Wordpress install; but sometimes, that's not enough. You might have specialized functionality in mind, niche design, or traffic and security concerns that make life hard. We can make you something new.

Off-the-rack Web Presence

If you just want to tell your customers a little about what you do, there's no need to re-invent the wheel... Wordpress is here to save the day. Want to sell some stuff? Magento has your back. We'll show you the options and handle the setup.

Offline to Online

We specialize in custom IOT (internet of things) deployments. If you want to monitor salinity in a thousand acres of swampland from your smartphone, or retrofit a vineyard's irrigation system to know tomorrow's weather forecast - we can help.

Analytics & CRO

Being able to answer some basic questions can give you some really surprising insights. What time of day is your site busiest? Does that change on weekends? How about for your female users? We can help you find the answers and grow your business.

Pro Bono Support

Are you doing something that makes the world a better place? Struggling with tight budgets and overworked staff? Tell us a bit about your problem, and we'll see if we can help you out with some free consulting or development services.

Web Hosting

You're welcome to deploy our work to your preferred stack, but if you haven't got something in mind - let us set you up. We can suggest something for everybody, from our own colo servers here in Sydney through to low-cost, high-availability setups on cloud platforms.

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